TorinoFilmLab – a general presentation

AdaptLab is TorinoFilmLab’s advanced course designed for professional international scriptwriters and writer/directors wishing to work in the field of adaptation. It consists of three 5-day residential workshops and two on-line sessions and follows the whole adaptation process analysing the book’s potentials, exploring the different possibilities of its story world and following the development of the extended treatments and/or scripts up to a final presentation of the work during the TorinoFilmLab Meeting Event on 24-26 November 2014.

Each workshop is organised within three groups headed by a tutor: Isabelle Fauvel (France), Razvan Radulescu (Romania), and Eva Svenstedt Ward (Sweden). There are 12 participants in total: six work on the adaptation projects that they have applied with, while the other six work on previously selected novels. The tutors head the process in close contact with their participants, facilitating discussions and development through group work and on-line sessions, following step by step the progress of each adaptation. The final workshop will be mostly focused on pitch training; participants will have three days of group sessions and pitching rehearsals to get ready for the final presentation to the industry. During the workshops participants are also inspired by lectures on specific adaptation and storytelling issues, theories and techniques as well as on juridical and legal issues concerning adaptation.

TorinoFilmLab is thrilled that the 2nd residential session of AdaptLab 2014 took place at Avvantura Film Festival & Matchmaking on 23-29 August 2014 thanks to the support of the Croatian Audiovisual Centre and in partnership with Avvantura Film Festival!

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TFL TorinoFilmLab is a year-round international laboratory that supports emerging talents from all over the world – with a special focus on 1st and 2nd feature filmmakers – through training, development and funding activities. TorinoFilmLab currently runs 6 training initiatives:

  • AdaptLab
  •  Audience Design
  • FrameWork
  • Interchange
  • Script&Pitch
  • Writers’ Room

The activities run parallel during the year and reach their conclusive moment during the TFL Meeting Event, when all developed projects are presented to a selected group of over 250 producers, sales agents, distributors and other professionals from all corners of the globe working in independent filmmaking.

AdaptLab 2014 – in detail