Avvantura & Documentary Campus Industryday




Documentary Campus is delighted to cooperate with the Avvantura Film Festival Matchmaking and Croatia goes Cross-media to present an Industry Session on Multiplatform Storytelling.

Taking advantage of the Festival’s highly synergetic environment, we’ve created a programme that explores interesting ways of storytelling for multiplatform projects shedding a light on the necessary tools to produce them. Interactivity, as many might consider, is not just an add-on to a documentary idea, but is the inevitable future for all content creators, according to Mark Atkin who curated the programme. Audiences now demand content anywhere and everywhere, but are they willing to pay for it? We’ll get an insight on how to engage audiences through interactivity and learn useful tips on how to fund cross-media productions.

Inspiring presentations and case studies discover the challenges of creating a unified story world, teach the potential to bring a story to life by real time storytelling and gather firsthand advice from producers and storytellers who are busily working in exploring the multiplatform universe!




10:00 – 11:00

How to: Engage your Audience

Speaker: Mark Atkin, Crossover, UK

Mark Atkin, Head of Documentary Campus Masterschool and Director of Crossover Labs, will demonstrate that interactivity is not just an add-on to a documentary idea but is the inevitable future for all content creators. He will run through numerous examples of interactive projects that adopt different approaches to audience engagement in order to convince you that way to attract and satisfy audiences is to allow them direct agency and interaction with the content that you create.

Mark Atkin

Director / Head

Crossover Labs / Documentary Campus Masterschool

As director of Crossover, Mark Atkin works with producers and directors, games developers and web designers, preparing them to become the multiplatform producers of tomorrow and produces the Crossover Interactive Summit along with other Crossover events at Sheffield Doc/Fest and other international events. He is also Head of Studies of the Documentary Campus Masterschool, a programme for the development of documentary producers and directors across Europe, and an independent producer.


11:00 – 12:30

Case Study & Discussion: Netwars – Out of CTRL

Speaker: Sean Coleman, Screenwriter and Producer, Graphic Novel App, UK

A detailed look at a previous Documentary Campus project which is now in production: Netwars – Out of CTRL is a documentary film, a web doc, a feature film and a series of graphic novels all investigating a different angle on the current threat of cyber terrorism. Sean will talk about the difficulties of mixing fiction and reality, the challenge of creating a unified story world, and the funding and production processes involved in the project.

Sean Coleman

Screenwriter and Producer

Red Kingdom

Sean is a writer of film and television drama, a novelist, and an award-winning writer and producer of cross-platform drama and reality series. He began his career in 1996 writing Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy Online for Douglas Adams, and been making cross-platform entertainment ever since.


12.30 – 15:30 Break


15:30 – 16:30

Telling Stories Real Time: Twitter Gimmick or Storytelling Magic?


Speaker: Kate Quilton, Multiplatform Commissioning Editor Factual, Channel 4, UK

Real time storytelling has the potential to bring a story to life. Whether it’s a story from the past, or one that you’re creating in the present, we’ll take a look at two projects which took this approach – Easter Eggs Live and D-Day: As It Happens – and assess whether real time is all it’s cracked up to be.

Kate Quilton

Multiplatform Commissioning Editor, Factual / Channel 4

Starting out as a broadcast journalist and presenter, Kate Quilton worked at ITV and the BBC before heading to Channel 4. A specialist in social media, she launched Channel 4 on YouTube, Bebo and MSN, from here she then moved on to work on C4’s interactive reality formats like Big Brother and Seven Days. Most recently, Kate has focussed on real time storytelling across platforms, projects include Foxes Live, Easter Eggs Live and D-Day: As It Happens.


16:30 – 17:30

Financing and Developing Cross-media

Speaker: Nuno Bernardo, Managing Director, beActive Entertainment, Portugal

Established business and financing models are falling apart because the revenues generated by the exploitation of content on digital platforms are not generating enough pennies to substitute the analogue dollars. But audiences went multiplatform and demand content anywhere, everywhere, and most of the time they are not willing to pay for it. Nuno Bernardo will present the challenges that today producers face when they are trying to finance their new productions and will focus on tricks he’s being using in the past to fund his recent cross-media productions.

Nuno Bernardo

Managing Director

beActive Entertainment

Nuno is an award-winning and Emmy-nominated writer and producer and the creator of Sofia’s Diary, Flatmates, Beat Generation and Final Punishment, multi-platform series produced and adapted around the world. Last year, Nuno produced Beat Girl, a Transmedia property that was sold to Electus in the US to be adapted as a TV series and wrote/produced Collider, a SCI-FI feature film that is opening in Europe in the fall 2013. Nuno also wrote the bestselling book “Producer’s Guide to Transmedia”, contributes to the MIPWORLD Blog and he is a frequent speaker at the most important industry events and festivals.


20:00 – 24:00

Networking Drinks