Documentary Campus is delighted to cooperate Croatia goes Cross-media to present an with the Avvantura Filmfestival Filmforumzadar and Industry Session on Multiplatform Storytelling on Sunday 25th August. explores environment, we’ve created a programme that Taking advantage of the Festival’s highly synergetic interesting ways of storytelling for add-on to a documentary idea, but is Interactivity, as many might consider, is not just an necessary tools to produce them. multiplatform projects shedding a light on the the inevitable future for all content creators, according to Mark case studies to discover the Join us on this full day of inspiring presentations and useful tips on how to fund cross-media productions. to engage audiences through interactivity and learn they willing to pay for it? We’ll get an insight on how demand content anywhere and everywhere, but are Atkin who curated the programme. Audiences now challenges of creating a unifed story world, learn the potential to bring a story to life by real time storytelling and gather frstuniverse! are busily working in exploring the multiplatform hand advice from producers and storytellers who  are busily working in exploring the multiplatform universe.

Documentary Campus, based in Munich and Berlin, is a non profit organisation with a long and valued track record in organising high-quality training for documentary flmmakers from around the world. With different training programmes like the Documentary Campus Masterschool, we address authors, directors and producers and convey knowhow and all-important contacts for working in the international market. Documentary Campus also partners with major international festivals and industry events to host sessions, case studies or partners with major international festivals and international market.