You Are Everything

About the director:

Content: At the Electronic Music Festival, Berlin journalist Georg and his girlfriend Vera meet Dave Zum; DJs who love to enjoy life as much as possible. As soon as an unusual troupe enters Dave's old hippie camper, the journey of their lives begins. The Grbav puts them from one festival to the other, across the Balkans towards the south. A complicated love triangle full of tensions and conflicts, love and hate, is being created for trance festivals, but it leads to a burning desire to accomplish their deepest passions, and the way it shows is exactly what they all needed.

Original title: You Are Everything (2016)

Language: German

Duration: 97 min

Country: Germany, Albania, Austria, Croatia, Greece, Hungary, Nepal, Portugal, Switzerland, Turkey, Serbia, Montenegro

Producer: Matthias Becker

Script: Lena Geller

Editing: Matthias Becker, Lena Geller

Director of Photography: Matthias Becker

Director: Lena Geller

Starring: Grégoire Gros, Eva Kessler, Heiko Kurrat, Adam Nümm, Harald Siebler