About the Director:

Dražen Žarković, born 1970. in Zagreb, Croatia where he grew up. After finishing highschool, he worked as an animator for Zagreb film between 1989.-1992. Afterwards, he enrolled in the Academy of Dramatic Arts to study film and TV directing which he graduated without a hitch. Since 1993. he’s been working as a free artist, as well as a screenwriter and director, working on numerous fictional and non-fictional films in the process. He directed over a hundred different comedy shows and sitcoms. He’s a member of the Croatian Society of Film Workers and the Croatian Society of Independent Artists. He directed 4 full-feature films: “Ajmo Žuti”, “Trešeta”, “Zagonetni Dječak” and “Alka”. As a member of the author group, he’s won the Croatian national film award Oktavijan for the animated short “Čakaj me” (1993.), a short fictional movie “Samopotjera” (1994.), “Novogodišnja pljačka” (1998.) and for a short documentary movie called “Šalter” (1998.) which also won a Gold Olive at the TV festival in Bar, at which he later received a Silver Olive for his full-feature “Ajmo žuti”. He got his biggest international acclaim with his full-feature “Trešeta”. He enjoys spending his free time editing and color correcting.


 “Epiphany” describes, or rather, potrays a breaking point in the life of one anonymous man when he realizes that he turned exactly into who he always ran away from – his father.

Original Title: Prosvijetljenje (2016.)

Language: Croatian

Duration: 4 min

Country: Croatia

Screenplay: Dražen Žarković

Director: Dražen Žarković

Cast: Robert Ugrina