One of the most productive European filmmakers, Tom Pinter, left a mark and sealed the international film scene,with his compreehensive creativity. He enriched great film productions with his artistic and workmanlike experience, courage, humaneness and in the end, humor. He was an inspiration to young generations who often, because of Pićo, decided to take the camera in their hands to experiment and learn. 

It would be difficult to list everything he filmed, but it is easy to conclude that his work in general is a work of art. Nevertheless, let us mention some of his projects: Dirty Dozen, Abeceda straha, Rana Jesen, Rondo, Tri, Bitka na Neretvi, Sutjeska, Steppenwolf, F for Fake, Petrijin Venac, Kontakt, Kiklop, Mister Montenegro, Sabirni centar, Kako se kalio narod Gornjeg Jaukovca, U raljama života, Od petka do petka, Crusoe, Merchant of Venice, Manifesto, Gluvi Barut, Praznik u Sarajevu, Sakupljači perja. He also worked with authors like Rajko Grlić, Yul Brinner, Veljko Bulajić, Caleb Deschanel, Dušan Makavejev, Relja Bašić, Miki Manojlović, Sergej Stanojkovski, Srđan Karanović, Antun Vrdoljak, Max von Sydow, Orson Welles, Richard Burton, Neda Arnerić, Boris Dvornik, Hardy Krüger, Franco Nero, Curd Jürgens, Sergej Bondarchuk, Zvonimir Berković, Aleksandar Petrović and many others. 


Pićo was stubborn/capricious, completely his own and unique man, with a distinct aesthetic and a professional attitude. Simply incorruptible, loyal to his camera and his profession. Within the first Avvantura Film Festival we founded an special Award named after this great Cameraman and author. Every year, this award is given to a filmmaker who contributed to the development of world cinematography with his work and effort. Personalities whose creativity inspires young talents to stride to the international film scene are awarded, artists in love with their job, just like Pićo.


The Special Tomislav Pinter Award of the AFF was given to:


Karl “Baumi” Baumgartner

Luis Minarro


Allan Starski

Shigeru Umebayashi


Predrag “Miki” Manojlović

Veljko Bulajić 


Matt Dillon