AMF - Avvantura Film Festival & Matchmaking Forum 2018


AMF AMF AVVANTURA MATCHMAKING FORUM AND A NEW PARTNER FESTIVAL create in 2018 a unique synergy through a partnership that reduces production costs, and greatly enhances the efficiency of movie events and sets goals: strengthening film culture and industry, stronger positioning of Croatia as a film destination, sharing position in leading film event.
The industrial part of AVVANTURA FILM FESTIVAL will be included in a leading regional Filmfestival since 2018.

Avantura Film Festival & Matchmaking is the first festival in Croatia to launch the industrial segment of the festival, organizing a round table on 2010 to establish the film destination and launch of the first film office in Croatia.

AFF has since established established international film professionals and has managed to create a unique matchmaking profile.

Partnership with another Festival is a unique step in the scene of film festivals where two manifestations combine, enrich each other's programs and intensify the efficiency of promoting Croatia as a film destination, developing the infrastructure of the film industry and positioning the most important national festival among the leading festivals in Europe.

Sergej Stanojkovski