Mrtve ribe

About the Director: Kristijan Milić is a Croatian director born in Zagreb. He started to run spots, commercials and short films before graduating from the Academy of Dramatic Arts in 2001. Wide audience, Milić is best known for two war movies, both of which were awarded with 8 golden arenas at the Pula Film Festival, "Live and Dead" (2007) and "Number 55" (2014). Apart from movies, commercials and videos Milić He also directed several TV series "Do not Give Up, Nina" (2007), "Best Year" (2009-2011), "Larin Choice" (2011) and "Start Peace" (2013)

Content: A professor in a post-war provincial town has committed suicide by a cattle knife gun. His decision to have mysteriously subvert the life of the earthquake, a city that has not recovered since the war itself, let alone come back to its feet after the whole disaster. Professor citizens, faced with an unexpected loss, are trying each and every one of the ways to find out the motives of unusual suicide and discover what lies behind him.

Original title: Dead fish swim on their backs (2016)

Language: Croatian

Duration: 122 min

Country: Croatia / Bosnia and Herzegovina

Producers: Slaven Knezovic, Maja Lasić

Script: Josip Mlakić

Editing: Veljko Segarić

Director: Kristijan Milic

Starring: Velibor Topić, Marijana Mikulić, Dragan Despot