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KIN-KONG, 1st International Independent Cinema Exhibitors’ Congress hosted and Co-Organized by Avvantura


Striving for a different future of independent Croatian cinemas!

KIN-KONG, the 1st independent cinema exhibitors’ congress, organized by the Croatian Audiovisual Centre in collaboration with Avvantura Film Festival Matchmaking. Taking place August 27 – 29. 2014, the educational programme KINKONG, which served as a networking platform for the exchange of ideas, brought together managers of independent cinemas in Croatia, film industry representatives, leading cinema exhibitors and relevant European organizations for the very first time.

Speakers from independent cinemas and institutions throughout Europe joined KIN-KONG in order to share their experiences and provide examples of successful cinema and repertoire management, film culture and literacy promotion, children and youth programme development, „alternative content“ creation and heritage film offering.

KIN-KONG’s lectures, debates and informal meetings were joined by Fatima Djoumer (Germany), Europa Cinemas International Relations Manager, Markéta Hodouskova (France), Managing Director of Film New Europe Association; Elke Bludau, Distribution Manager at Europe’s Finest (Cologne, Germany); Martina Petrović, Head of Creative Europe Desk – MEDIA Office (Zagreb, Croatia); Petra Slatinšek, Manager of the children’s educational programme Kinobalon (Ljubljana, Slovenia); Edita Bilaver Galinec, President of the Kids Meet Art association (Zagreb, Croatia); Ivana Jakobović Alpeza, Director of the Seventh Continent film programme (Zagreb, Croatia); Martin Cikánek, Founder and Director of Cikánek Management (Prague, Czech Republic); Nina Peče, Director of Kinodvor (Ljubljana, Slovenia) and Jan Noháč, Marketing and PR Manager at Aerofilms distribution company and Světozor cinema (Prague, Czech Republic).

KIN-KONG programme is the continuation of the national independent cinemas digitization project that was successfully concluded in October 2013. 28 Croatian theatres across 27 cities as well as six film festivals had been equipped with digital projectors, thus increasing the share of digital screens across the country to 90%. The project, initiated by the Croatian Audiovisual Centre, received financial support from the Ministry of Culture and the local communities.

KIN-KONG marks the beginning of a new phase in the digitization project – the establishment of a functional independent cinemas network in Croatia, which is essential for any further development of the cinema exhibition sector.