About the director:
Elia K. Schneider is an American-Venezuelan film and theater director and writer. As a young man, she was engaged in ballet and classical dance, and soon went to choreographic and direct theater theaters. Her first feature film "Huelepega: Law of the Street" (1999) won a total of 15 local and international awards and was also nominated for the Oscars by Venezuela, which initially censored him, but eventually cast it into ether. Her next film, "Punto y raya" (2004), was also nominated for the Oscars and was also very successful with 24 international awards in her belt. She has participated in the production of over 10 feature films, and her latest film Tamara (2016) wins the award at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival.

A successful lawyer in a four-year marriage with two kids finally faces his overwhelming desire to become a woman. He is determined to follow his heart, even though he knows that his entire life will be turned upside down. Fulfilling his long-lasting desire, he goes through a painstaking journey to the unknown and he meets many obstacles in the way.

Original title: Tamara (2016)

Language: Spanish

Duration: 110 min

Country: Venezuela / Uruguay / Peru

Producer: Jose R. Novo

Co-Producers: Joel X. Novoa, Chicho Durant, Luis Fernandez, Mimi Lazo, Ibi Schneider

Script: Fernando Butazzoni, Elia K. Schneider

Editing: Christian Alexander, Jose R. Novo

Director: Elia K. Schneider

Cast: Luis Fernandez, Prakriti Maduro, Karina Velazquez, Mimi Lazo