Sex Cowboys

About the director:
Adriano Giotti graduated from "Writing and Storytelling" at the Holden School in Turin, which gave him an excellent base for film art. His short film, "Tutta Tutta la Notte", won the Italian 48 Hours Film Project 2012. and the second one, "Piume", won the Amnesty International Award at the Giffoni Film Festival 2014. Throughout his career he worked on many films, mostly as a writer, But often as a director, and his first feature film "Sex Cowboys" (2016) won the Best Italian Film Award at the 2016 Independent Film Festival in Rome.

"Sex Cowboys" is a journey through a new generation, a lost generation, destined to live a life without permanent employment, a safe home and a defined lifestyle. Simone and Marla, as representatives of these life circles, find themselves in a situation where their nomadic life ceases to be sustainable and begin to consider selling what is most dear to them: their own bodies.

Original title: Sex Cowboys (2016)

Language: Italian, Spanish

Duration: 73 min

Country: Italy

Producers: Giampietro Preziosa, Marco S. Puccioni

Script: Adriano Giotti

Editing: Ilenia Zincone

Director of Photography: Sandro Chessa

Director: Adriano Giotti

Starring: Nataly Beck's, Francesco Maccarinelli, Federico Rosati, Francesca Renzi