About the Director: Dražen Žarković, born 1970 in Zagreb, Croatia where he grew up. After finishing highschool, he worked as an animator for Zagreb film between 1989 and 1992. Afterwards, he enrolled in the Academy of Dramatic Arts to study film and TV directing which he graduated without a hitch. Since 1993 he has been working as a free artist, as well as a screenwriter and director, working on numerous fictional and non-fictional films in the process. He directed over a hundred different comedy shows and sitcoms. He is a member of the Croatian Society of Film Workers and the Croatian Society of Independent Artists. He directed 4 full-feature films: "Ajmo Žuti", "Trešeta", "Zagonetni Dječak" and "Alka". As a member of the author group he won the Croatian National Film Award Oktavijan for the animated short "Čakaj me" (1993), and a short fictional movie "Samopotjera" (1994), "New Year's plunder" (1998) and for a short documentary movie called "Šalter" (1998), which also won a Gold Olive at the TV festival in Bar, where he later received Silver Olive for his full-feature "Ajmo žuti". He received his greatest international acclaim with his full-feature "Trešeta". He enjoys spending his free time editing and color correcting. synopsis:  "Epiphany" describes, or rather, a breaking point in the life of an anonymous man when he realizes that he turned exactly where he always ran away from his father.

Original Title: Enlightenment (2016)

Language: Croatian

Duration: 4 min

Country: Croatia

Screenplay: Dražen Žarković

Director: Dražen Žarković Cast: Robert Ugrina