Dark Fortune

About the director:
Stefan Haupt, born in 1961 in Zurich, is a Swiss filmmaker, author and director. Between 1985 and 1988 he graduated at the Zurich Academy of Dramatic Art and since 1989 he has been active director and creator of film works. From 2008 to 2010, Stefan was president of the Swiss Film Federation and Screenplay Switzerland, and today he owns the production company Fontana Film GmbH. One of his works is his first feature feature film Utopia Blues (2001), documentary Sagrada (2012.) and Dark Fortune (2016).

Content: Late in the evening, psychologist Eliane Hess was summoned to hospital for an eight-year-old boy Yves who lost his family in a car accident. Eliane, however shocked by the destiny of a young boy, still cures her curiosity. As time goes by, it loses professional distance to its patient, and when Yves's relatives begin a heated discussion of the boy's future, Eliana makes a neo-Orthodox decision that directs her life in a completely different direction.

Oirginal Title: Finsteres Glück (2016)

Language: Swiss German

Duration: 113 min

Country: Switzerland

Producer: Rudolf Santschi

Co-Producer: Stefan Haupt

Script: Stefan Haupt (screenplay), Lukas Hartmann (novel)

Editing: Christof Schertenleib

Director of Photography: Tobias Dengler

Director: Stefan Haupt

Cast: Eleni Haupt, Noé Ricklin, Elisa Plush, Chiara Carla Bär, Martin Hug