Original title: Mali div (2013)
Duration: 95 min
Language: Croatian
Country: Croatia
Producers: Sanja Peroš, Igor Goić, Branimir Čakić
Director: Igor Goić
Screenplay: Branimir Čakić
Cinematography: Igor Goić
Editor: Igor Goić, Marino Grgurev
Cast: Enio Meštrović, Paola Slavica, Sanja Zalović, Josip Mihatov, Dragan Veselić, Valter Šarović, Josip Major, Jure Aras, Žana Bumber
Synopsis: Little Giant is the story of an eccentric undertaker, more popularly known as an amateur long distance runner, whose emotional turmoil and personal insecurities lead to eventual estrangement both from his family and religious community. He finds solace in two things – his daughter Kona and his love of nature and God’s creatures. After his latest outburst results in temporary imprisonment and increased public ridicule for his daughter, the Little Giant turns to running for therapy.

Original title: Elections 2013
Production: KUD Bleke i Konji
Producer: Enio Meštrović
Director: Leo Dovranić
Editor: Leo Dovranić
Screenwriter: Enio Meštrović
Duration: 50 min
Synopsis: An independent slate Konji participated in the local elections in Zadar in 2013. They did more than 20 introductions to their fellow citizens, who had fun and laughs with this peculiar group. The film premiered at the 23rd Days of Croatian documentary film as part of the official competition. About the director: Leo Dovranić was born in Zadar in 1965. Since 1995 he has worked as a camera operator at Croatian radio television and has taken part in creating numerous documentaries. His directorial debut is the comedy Od bleke do konja (2010).

Born in Zadar December 29, 1990. where she finished her elementary and highschool education. Her first theatre experiences were formed in the drama studio ‘Croatian National Theatre’ in a class led by Jasna Ančić, furthermore actively participating in professional productions by ‘Croatian National Theatre’ Zadar. Simultaneously, attending many seminars and workshops connected to the alternative theatre scene in Zadar led by Juraj Aras and many visiting pedagogues from Zagreb, Austria and Slovenia. Also accomplishing several very successful and notable parts in the production of Theatre Verrdi in Zadar. In 2010. she enrolled in Academy of Arts in Osijek, which she graduated in 2012./2013. , finishing the undergraduated study for acting and puppetry in the class led by associate professor Boro Stjepanović. Since 2014. she has been an outside associate in ‘Zadar Puppet Theatre’.

Tihana Lazović was born in Zadar in 1990. In 2009 she started attending the Academy of Dramatic Arts in Zagreb. She stars in noted and awarded short films such as Mušice, krpelji i pčele (2012) by Hana Jušić; Snig by Josip Žuvan. She did her first feature film role in the hit film The Priest’s Children (2013) by Vinko Brešan. The same year she was awarded Breza for Best debute role at the 60th Pula Film Festival for the film Hush by Lukas Nola. She plays at the EXIT theatre in the musical Nemirne noge by Saša Anočić and since 2014 also in the Kerempuh theatre in the play Hamlet in the Village of Mrduša Donja by Vinko Brešan. She is currently in preparations for the shooting of the feature film Zvizdanby Dalibor Matanić.

SWEET DREAMS by Vlado Zrnić
About the director: Born in 1959. Graduated Arts on Accademia di Belle Arti Venice. Associate professor on Department of Film and Video at University of Split. He is the author of many films for which he received many awards.
Original title: Priča za laku noć
Duration: 18min
Director: Vlado Zrnić
Screenplay: Vlado Zrnić
Cinematographer: Boris Poljak
Edited by: Goran Čače
Cast: Vjerica Vidov, Mimi Zadarski, Irena Batalić, Boris Meštrov, Luna Marušić
Production: Quadrum film + video d.o.o.
Country: Croatia
Year: 2013
Synopsis: The story is based on relation between time and
space where the space is aperceptive emptyness and space as an
exteritorial psihical situation. It is night time on the train….