Avvantura Film Festival Film Submission – Terms & Conditions
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Article 1
Avvantura Film Festival is a platform for Filmartists, Filmindustry and Filmlovers. Its aim is to promote international co-operation, european co-productions and understanding between cultures. The Avvantura Film Festival international Film Festival is a competitive festival. It´s aim is to contribute to the development and promotion of artistic cinema and film industry. The spirit of Avvantura Film Festival is one of friendship and universal cooperation. Its aim is to reveal and focus attention on works of quality in order to contribute to the evolution of motion picture arts and to encourage development of the film and audiovisual art and industry throughout the world. Avvantura Film Festival aims to raise awareness and promote personal filmmaking of artistic merit; to promote all the various aspects of international cinema in all its forms: as art, entertainment and as an industry, in a spirit of freedom and tolerance, to provide a showcase for major new films of the year from around the world; to take stock, in its competitive sections, of the new perspectives of filmmaking expression, concentrating especially on such new film directors and industries as command international attention. As well as all the sections mentioned in the following paragraphs, the Festival will include retrospectives and homages to major figures, genres, countries, historic periods etc. as a contribution towards raising awareness of the history of cinema.
The official programme comprises films in European Coproduction Competition (As European Coproduction are considered films that have been coproduced with at least one european country. Considered are : creative, cultural, financial coproductions), First and Second Films (an international competition of full-length and short films), Trans- and Crossmedia Projects, Documentaries, Student films and Shortfilms. Applicants may choose the festival section(s) to which they would like to submit their film. However, the programmes Classics at the Adria, Tribute to and other Special programms, non-competitive informative film programs, focuses, retrospectives, homage profiles and other accompanying events are curated and approved by the Avvantura Film Festival.

Article 2
The Festival was founded in 2010 by Sergej Stanojkovski Ma.Art. and is organised by Avvantura d.o.o., located at : Ugljan b.b., 23275 Ugljan, Croatia, Phone : +385 91 2607467 , Fax : +385 23 250 771, Email: avvanturafestival@gmail.com
The Festivals principal subsidies are provided by the City of Mali Lošinj, the County of Goransko Primorska, the Tourist Board Mali Lošinj, HAVC Hrvatski audiovizualni centar and Avvantura d.o.o.. Additional financing is provided by other associations, organizations, institutions and private sponsors.

Article 3
The 8th international Avvantura Film Festival & Matchmaking will take place in Mali Lošinj from August 26th to September 01st, 2017.

Article 4
The Festival director and advisory Board chooses and invites the films which will be presented in Competition, Out of Competition or any other section. Each film invited to be part of the Official Selection will receive a Certificate of Participation. Only films that meet the following conditions are eligible and may be chosen for invitation in the Official Selection:

1. Films that have been produced during the twentyfour months preceding the Festival;
2. Films that have not been released yet in Croatia are prefered ;
3. Films that have not been presented at any other international motion picture event and film festival in Croatia are prefered;
4. Films that respect the aims of the Festival as defined in Article 1;
5. If participating in the “short film” category, films that do not exceed 15 minutes in length, including credits.
6. Films that are intended for theatrical release.
7. Films that are available on 35 mm or Beta SP (PAL), DCP, DVD, Blu Ray, H.264 (mov, avi). 3D-Cinema screenings are possible upon arrangement.
8. Films that have neither been presented in television nor in the internet.
Croatian films must not have been screened publicly in Croatia other than at “Pula Filmfestival”.
Avvantura Film Festival & Matchmaking and the Festival Direction have the right to settle any cases not covered by the regulations. World premieres are given priority.
Only works produced after January 1, 2016 can be included in the competitive sections. In order to be eligible for selection and invitation to participate in the competition of feature films, it is obligatory that these films have not been previously shown in a Croatian competition of another film festival. The films in competition of feature films “European Coproduction” have to be presented as Croatian, European, World or International Premieres. For other competitive sections, Croatian, European, World and International Premieres are preferred. The festival director and Avvantura Film Festival reserves the right to make exceptions.

Article 5
Once a film has been selected it cannot be withdrawn from the Festival programme during the event. Submitting your film you agree that in case of withdrawing the film from the Festival enables the festival to charge a withdrawing fee of 500,00.- Euro to the person and company who submitted.

Article 6
During the entire duration of Avvantura Film Festival, none of the films invited may be shown outside the Festival’s official theatres and venues before its official screening.

Article 7
All films must be presented in their original language, with English and/or croatian subtitles. By “original language” is meant the one in which a film is or will be exhibited in its country of origin.
It is for Avvantura Film Festival & Matchmaking and the festival direction to decide whether or not a film that does not exactly meet this criterion may participate in the Festival.
Croatian films must be subtitled in English. All films with dialogues in a language different from English or Croatian will be electronically subtitled in English.

Article 8
The festival direction and the advisors of the festival designate the international members of the Jury for the feature films in competition and all other sections as well as its President.
The Avvantura Film Festival & Matchmaking festival direction will attend Jury deliberations but will take no part in the voting. No person having taken part in the production or exploitation of a film in competition may be on the Jury.

Deadline for Submissions
The following deadlines must be strictly observed:
Feature length films: film prints and screening material submitted for selection by: 19th July, 2017, 12 p.m.
Short films: film prints and screening material by: 19th July, 2017, 12 p.m.
Late submissions will only be accepted following formal approval from the festival.

Article 9
Only 35mm prints, Beta SP tapes, DCP, DVD, H.264 (mov, avi) and Blu Ray discs in good technical condition can be accepted into the international competition of feature films. The screening formats for films selected for other sections are to be specified when the film is officially invited. All selected films for all sections have to be provided with English subtitles, which is the responsibility of the participant. All films will also be translated into Croatian.

Article 10
The selection of the films is carried out by Avvantura Film Festival & Matchmaking. The Festival, under the direction of the festival Director, determines the program schedule and sets the screening order for all films. Programming is at the sole discretion of the Director of Avvantura Film Festival & Matchmaking and the decision is final and irrevocable. Each film may be screened up to three times during the festival. All films participating in the competitions or having a Premiere at the Festival are expected to use the Festival logo in their publicity and promotional material.

Article 11
The Festival direction invites films to participate in the Competition. The Director is advised by Croatian and international professionals. Any film submitted for the Competition may be considered for another Section of Avvantura Film Festival & Matchmaking unless specifically instructed otherwise by the applicant.
The duly completed online entry form as well as the screening material for selection must reach the festival by the deadline.
Formats accepted for selection are film prints 35mm, DCP, Betacam SP , DVD, and Blu-ray (region free), H.264 (avi,mov). For other formats please contact the programme organisation.
Films should be submitted for selection in their original language with English subtitles.

Article 12
English subtitled prints of selected films must be sent to the Festival by August 1st, 2017. This deadline must be strictly observed. It is obligatory for the participant to follow the shipping instructions, which accompany notification of inclusion of a film into the 8th Avvantura Film Festival & Matchmaking program.
Prints sent in accordance with the Festival’s shipping instructions and received will be shown at the Festival. No other print will be accepted.

Article 13
All films invited to participate in the festival are screened in their original language with subtitles. The version released in the country of origin is regarded as the original version. In the case of films in several languages, the language of the subtitled print screened at the festival may only deviate from this directive with the festival’s approval.

Article 14
Unless negotiated otherwise, costs related to the transportation of the print, promotional materials and insurance from the country of origin to the Customs Office in Mali Lošinj are the responsibility of the participant.
The costs related to the transportation of the print back to the sender are the responsibility of the sender. Complaints regarding the technical condition of the returned print must be sent at the latest 1 month after its receiving. Avvantura Film Festival reserves the right to make exceptions.
The submitter understands and agrees that NO SCREENING FEES will be charged to the festival by the submitter.

Article 15
For each selected film, the Festival must receive detailed documentation by the deadline, including: a filled out entry form, a synopsis of the film, stills of the film, a photo of the director, a biography and filmography of the director, an original dialogue list and it´s translation into English, a full list of artistic and technical credits, and at least two English subtitled DVDs of the film.
The participants are also expected to provide the Festival with excerpts of the film on a BETA cassette (PAL version) and/or DVD and/or Blu Ray in order to facilitate the promotion of the film during the Festival.

Article 16
Members of an international jury and its president are appointed by the festival director. An International Jury will be comprised of filmmakers, producers, representatives of culture, theory, as well as criticism. International juries will be established, one for each competitive section. The Jury members must not have participated in the making of any film in the competition they are judging. All Jury members are sworn to secrecy. The festival director attends the jury’s deliberations but does not participate in voting. Jury members are sworn to secrecy. Jury deliberations are strictly confidential even after the festival has ended.

Article 17
The International Jury is obliged to award the following prizes in the feature film category:

• The Award for Best European Co-Production This award may not be attributed
• The Golden Fish Award for Best Director or Artistic contribution
• The Award for Best Performance Female
• The Award for Best Performance Male
• The Award for Best Cinematography
• The Award for Best Screenplay
• The Award for Best First Film
• The Award for Best Studentfilm
• The Award for Best Shortfilm

The prize list must not contain more than one joint award. The Award for Best European Co-Production can never be awarded jointly. No film can receive more than one award. On special dispensation of the Festival’s director exceptions can be made. Only one of these awards may be attributed ex aequo.

Additionally, the Jury may award up to a maximum of two

• Special Jury Mentions

Award-winners are expected to attend the Closing ceremony and to mention the award as announced, nationally as well as internationally, in their publicity and promotional material. Each film selected receives a Certificate of Participation.

The Short Film Jury is obliged to award:
The Award for Best Short Film.

Article 18
Films chosen to be part of the Official Selection agree to use the “Official Selection” logotype of the Avvantura Film Festival & Matchmaking on all publicity. What is more, when publicising awards, the award winners and distribution companies agree to use the exact wording of the awards as set out in the logo guidelines of the Festival : Avvantura Film Festival. The Avvantura Film Festival logo guidelines are available on the official website:


Article 19
All films to be submitted for the Official Selection must be entered by July 19th, 2017. An entry form must be filled out on our website http://www.avvantura-festival.com prior to this date.
All shortfilms to be submitted for the Official Selection must be entered by July 19th, 2017.

Article 20
Complete documentation for each selected film is to be made available to the Film Department when required. Final print of each invited film must reach the offices of Avvantura Film Festival in Mali Lošinj by August 8th, 2017. In case the final print does not reach the Festival by August 8th, 2017, the film must not be screened. This dead-line is imperative.

Article 21
Expenses for the shipping (for both import and export), screening and translation of films and/or DVD´s and cassettes presented to the Selection Committee with a view to their possible selection, are to be met by the film’s producers or relevant body.
All expenses for the transportation (round trip) and insurance of prints are also the responsibility of their owner. Avvantura Film Festival & Matchmaking and the Festival Director have the right to settle any cases not covered by the regulations.

Article 22
Participation in the Avvantura Film Festival & Matchmaking implies acceptance of all the aforementioned regulations and respect of preselection conditions. Should any dispute arise regarding the interpretation of an article in these regulations, their original English version is binding. These rules apply to all sections of the Official Selection: Competition, Out of Competition.

Article 23
The direction of the Festival makes decisions in case of unclear situations or cases unforeseen in these regulations in conformity with the international regulations.

Article 24
Participation in the Festival implies agreement with the regulations set out herein. No film selected may be withdrawn from the festival programme after its publication. Submitting your film you agree that in case of withdrawing the film from the Festival enables the festival to charge a withdrawing fee of 500,00.- Euro to the person and company who submitted.
During the festival no film selected may be screened outside the Festival venues before its official presentation at the festival. Participation in the festival requires the unconditional adherence to its regulations as set out here. Producers, distributors or other organisations
submitting a film must ensure that they are legitimately entitled to enter a film in the festival.
The festival direction reserves the right to settle any case not covered by these regulations.

Return of film tapes/DVDs
Directors and producers of films presented at the Avvantura Film Festival & Matchmaking are warmly invited to donate a copy of their work, to be added to the festivals Archives, destined solely for the purposes of research and documentation, and excluding all commercial use in order to protect the interests of the filmmakers and the producers.
All tapes and DVDs submitted for selection will be returned only at the express wish of the owner and at the owner’s expense. Requests for return of material can be made to films@avvantura-festival.com up to one month after the festival.
Upon explicit demand, the submitted material may also be destroyed by the festival. In this case it is similarly necessary to send the respective instruction to films@avvantura-festival.com within one month after the festival.
After this period all unfinished versions of films will be deleted and the remaining media will be archived in the reference collections of Avvantura Film Festival for the sole purpose of onsite documentation and research – excluding any loan or public presentation, in order to protect the interests of the filmmakers and the producers.

Participation in the Avvantura Film Festival automatically entails observance of the present regulations. Producers, distributors, sales agents or other parties who submit films to the Festival must guarantee they are legally authorised to do so. The Director of the Avvantura Film Festival reserves the right to adjudicate any cases not covered by the regulations herein, and can make exceptions to the regulations in justified, well-motivated cases. Should any dispute arise regarding the interpretation of any article contained in these regulations, the original English version is to be considered binding.