Croatian kings
Croatian kings series is a specific documentary and educational project, consisting of seven 50-minute episodes. This is the first representation (in the Croatian film and media history) of the earliest and in many ways the most interesting period of Croatian history; from the arrival of the Croats in the 7th century, until the end of the native ruling Trpimirović dynasty (around 1100). In this unique series, Croatian rulers Trpimir, Tomislav, Stjepan Držislav, Petar Krešimir IV., Zvonimir and many others will be given a face and character for the first time. Viewers will be able to see major early medieval battles of the Croatians against the Bulgarians, Byzantines, Saracens and Hungarians, as well as the coronation of Croatian kings. For the purposes of this series, Croatian royal crown has been completely reconstructed for the first time in history. It is also the first time in the Croatian scientific and cultural history that the faithful life-size reconstructions of the old Croatian churches and the famed princely and royal stone inscriptions in their original, long lost form were made. That is a cultural venture which far exceeds the limits of mere film or documentary production. The goal of this project is to create, in addition to an artistic gem, a long-term educational material for the present and future generations.