2010 Karl “Baumi” Baumgartner
Born in South Tyrol, but as a young man he goes to Germany where he achieves a great success in the job he truly loved. Baumi became a big German, European and worldwide known producer and art-house film distributor, a pioneer of a co-production model that still truly lives in the European and worldwide cinematography, a model that is in focus at the Avvantura Film Festival. Baumi had been visiting the festival since its foundation and he is the first winner of the Tomislav Pinter award for exceptional contribution to the film art. His art is related to Pandora, a famous production and distribution company which he cofounded with Reinhard Brundig. Pandora will soon become the lighthouse of the art-house cinematography, it will celebrate, promote and discover authors like Aki Kaurismaki, Sally Potter, Kim Ki-duk, Andrei Tarkovsky. With Piano by Jane Campion (1993) he celebrates his first success as a distributor. It was followed by Underground by Kusturica, winner of the Palme d’or, which Baumi produced. Since then Baumi’s name has been an unavoidable producer name whose films are regularly in the narrowest selection of many big festivals. Super 8 Stories (Kusturica), My Sweet Home (Filipos Tsitos), Irina Palm (Sam Garbarski), Na putu (Jasmila Žbanić), Le Havre (Kaurismaki), his latest titles are Clouds of Sils Maria of by Olivier Assayas and Cut buy Fatih Akin. His productive career was interrupted by his early death in the spring of 2014. Avvantura Film Festival is celebrating its friend Baumi with a selection of his films. In Irina Palm you will also see this year’s Tomislav Pinter award winner Predrag Miki Manojlović.

2011 Matt Dillon

2012 Luis Minarro

2013 Shigeru Umebayashi

2014 Allan Starski

2015 Predrag “Miki” Manojlović

2016 Veljko Bulajić