Welcome To Avvantura

After several months of thinking, creating, arranging, of negotiation and expectancy, we are now together in the year zero of the Film Forum Zadar wondering whether the audience will accept our choice, # ll the city’s stages and transform them into a big cinema. Selecting titles and inviting guests, we gave our best to o& er a quality program and to put in the focus the European co-production diversity. The bearers of diversity spoken are our dear and honored gusts who willingly accepted to bring to Zadar their experiences gathered in most di& erent genres and budgets; from art and experimental # lm to great mainstream productions. We aim to se the Film Forum Zadar in the future as the spot exchange of useful information, conversation and cooperation. Besides o& ering the entertainment during the last week of August with what we believe are good # lms, our long term goal is to show numerous potentials of the city and it’s region to adventualy attract# lm industry and co-productions. Year zero is our # rst step to direct that road together with our domestic and foreign partners who had gathered in an exceptional number. We cordially invite you to enjoy our common journey. Sergej Stanojkovski (Founder and President of Avvantura Film Festival & Matchmaking)