Country: UK
Duration: 31 min
Director: Charles Kinnane
Screenplay: Michael Campo
Producers: Clifford Azize, Michael Campo
Synopsis: In a time of unprecedented technological achievements and luxuries, close to one billion people still go to sleep hungry; but there’s an organization attempting to change that. In this powerful new documentary film, Grassroots Films captures Mary’s Meals’ life-changing work in action throughout Malawi, Kenya, and India and its mission to help millions of children around the world realize their dreams. Follow Magnus MacFarlane-Barrow as we get a glimpse into his simple, yet groundbreaking, approach that is working to lift the developing world out of poverty and give a face to hunger’s deadly numbers.

Country: UK
Duration: 123 min
Director: Jon Brewer
Producer: Jon Brewer
Narration: Morgan Freeman
Synopsis: The legendary BB King opens his heart to Director Jon Brewer and tells the story of how an oppressed and somewhat orphaned youth came to influence and earn the unmitigated praise of the music industry to carry the title, ‘King of the Blues’. He is joined by Bono, Eric Clapton, Bruce Willis, Ringo Starr and others, including appearances by Keith Richards, Mick Jagger and President Obama.

Country: UK, Spain
Duration: 89 min
Director: Ben Lewis
Producers: Bettina Walker
Co-production: BBC, ARTE/ZDF, TVE, TVC
Synopsis: The story of the most ambitious project ever conceived on the Internet. In 2002 Google began to scan millions of books in an effort to create a giant global library, containing every book in existence. They had an even greater purpose – to create a higher form of intelligence, something that HG Wells had predicted in his 1937 essay “World Brain”. But over half the books Google scanned were in copyright, and authors across the world launched a campaign to stop Google, which climaxed in a New York courtroom in 2011. A film about the dreams, dilemmas and dangers of the Internet.

Original title: Okupacija, 27. slika
Country: Czech Republic, Croatia
Duration: 71 min
Director: Pavo Marinković
Screenplay: Pavo Marinković
Producers: Julietta Sichel (8Heads Productions), Pavo Marinković, Mitropa
Co-production: Česká televize, Hrvatska radio-televizija
Synopsis: Very few films would be able to excite the kind of passion generated by Lordan Zafranović’s Occupation in 26 Pictures (1978). This artistic metaphor for the occupation of the director’s native Dalmatia during the Second World War screened in competition at Cannes; it also took away an award from the Pula festival and received rave reviews both in the former Yugoslavia and beyond the country’s borders. Nevertheless, the film incensed the influential Zagreb-based youth magazine Polet, and a number of Dubrovnik inhabitants continue to see it as a propaganda film with fabricated details by an author they regard as a traitor. Croatian filmmaker Pavo Marinković offers up an intriguing and lively documentary mosaic which follows the career of this controversial figure, from his early days on set and his success on the world stage, to the period that necessitated artistic compromise during the communist era.

Country: Germany
Duration: 60 min
Director: Hermann Vaske
Producers: Hermann Vaske, ZDF/Arte
Synopsis: Filmmaker Hermann Vaske and philosopher Slavoj Žižek take us along a rollercoaster ride through the creative world of the Balkans. Balkan Spirit is an exploration of the various facets of creativity: cultural, philosophical, political and artistic. Featuring world-renowned performance artist Marina Abramovic and actress Angelina Jolie, who chose the Balkan theme for her directorial debut. Musicians like Baba Zula, Goran Bregović and the Boban i Marko Marković Orchestra. YouTube artist Jelena Petosevic and legendary filmmakers like Dušan Makavejev. Directors as diverse as Jasmila Žbanić and Emir Kusturica. And scientists like Croatian astronomer Korado Korlević. Finally, representing young creatives we talked to artists like Flaka Haliti and Želimir Barić, as well as young directors like Eleni Angelopoulos and Maša Nešković.

Original title: Quem se importa
Country: Brazil, USA, Switzerland, Peru,
Germany, Canada
Duration: 93 min
Director: Mara Mourão
Screenplay: Mara Mourão
Producers: Tatiana Battaglia, Mara Mourão
Synopsis: A feature documentary about social entrepreneurs around the world. People who are making changes, bringing solutions, generating huge social impact and most of all, inspiring people to do the same. A film that searches the world for brilliant people with simple solutions to the hard global issues. The goal of Who Cares is to inspire people around the world, especially young people from ages 14 years-old up, to learn more about, become excited by and want to be engaged in the social entrepreneurship revolution.