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Avvantura URBAN is part of the first DDZ Design District Festival 2016 which enriched the cultural offer of Zagreb and day by day turned the area around Marticeva Street into a creative district of the capital. Avvantura URBAN is a program as part of the DDZ Design District Festival 2016. Director Sergei Stanojkovski put together a program in cooperation with Avvantura Film Festival, the French Institute and the Goethe Institute.

It’s enough to turn from vibrant Marticeva Street in neighboring Vojnovićeva Street in which among its colorful buildings, a new Open-Air-Cinema location under the open sky screened films. Avvantura URBAN offered award winning films in the program, among others Fatih Akin´s CROSSING THE BRIDGE a journey through Istanbul, a city that bridges Europe and Asia, this causes a well-known concepts of East and West. The project began when Alexander Hacke worked on the soundtrack for Akins “Head-On”. The film has a strong Turkish relationship by Hacke charted in music. He was fascinated by this new sound which has been exposed. For “Head-On” Hacke recorded with Selim Sesler Orchestra. As none of the artists did not speak the other’s language, they had to communicate through music.

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